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Healthy Cooking Made Easy

A Simple Story

After learning that better eating begins at home, I created a simple solution for nutritious home-cooked meals that works for today's hectic schedules. I hope these meals help you and your family just as they've helped me and mine!

Keith's Family

Our Manifesto

Cooksimple™ provides a solution to the growing trend of poor diet, nutrition, and obesity throughout the United States by reducing the time required for healthy home cooking. Our mission is to make an impactful difference in reshaping the way we eat.

Cowboy Chili

Finally a Healthy Boxed Dinner!

Out nutritious meal kits are designed with the everyday consumer in mind – inexpensive, appealing, easy to prepare – to prove that home cooking can be simple, that healthy food can taste great, and that buying nutritious ingredients can be affordable.

In a Nutshell

Keith's Story in a Nutshell

Keith is a foodie, serial entrepreneur, Montana native, and the loving father of three boys. In the rare time he has to indulge, his guilty pleasure is key lime pie.


The Wake-Up Call

The story of Cooksimple™ founder Keith Lauver is one that resonates with many people. Keith was in his early 30s with a new baby at home, traveling weekly for work, eating out most nights, and paying little regard to his personal health. In november 2002, he walked into a clinic for a life insurance medical exam and walked out with three number that changed his life: Cholesterol=260, Triglycerides=586, Weight=194. What did these numbers equate to?

Keith was considered twice as likely to die as the “average guy”.


This wake-up call convinced Keith to make some major changes, but he didn't know where to begin. He wasn't exactly a world-class athlete and had only a very basic understanding of nutrition. He was considered too young for medications and the fad diets he tried didn't have any lasting impact. It wasn't until he finally tried his hand at home cooking that he started to see steady and lasting improvements. Taking control of what he was eating was the key to building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


Over the next year, Keith honed his healthy cooking skills and began to work with a fitness trainer. While his shrinking waistline and increased energy level were evidence enough that he was doing something right, the results from his next medical exam proved that he had literally turned his life around, primarily through his new eating habits. Inspired to help others improve their own lives, Keith joined forces with renowned chef and nutrition consultant Tony Sobiech to create CookSimple™.

The Results

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