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Simply make it your own

Healthy Cooking Made Easy

Finally entrées and sides that are homemade, delicious, healthy, and quick! CookSimple does the prep, you can take the credit! Bon Appetit!

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Creative Combinations

We scour the globe for the most premium, all-natural ingredients for our entrées and sides; spices from the far reaches, grains from the heartland, pastas with a unique twist...

Naturally Sourced

CookSimple recipes are diversely delicious, taking notes from far away cultures of the distant past, American traditions, and old family favorites. Always uniquely tasty, always easy to make.

Effortlessly Tasty

Our packaging’s back panel spells out the step-by-simple-step way to make a great dish in a cinch! The inside ingredient pouch even acts as your measuring cup!

We Suggest

Tamale Pie

Tamale Pie - From: $4.99

black bean chili with cornbread topping


Jambalaya - From: $4.99

with brown rice and peppers

Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe - From: $4.99

with pinto beans and carrots

White Bean Chili

White Bean Chili - From: $4.99

with chia seeds and bell peppers


Alfredo - From: $4.99

with cheesy chickpea pasta and kale

Simple Variations

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Simple Tomato Alfredo

Simple Tomato Alfredo

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Skillet Lasagna with Fresh Basil

Skillet Lasagna with Fresh Basil

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American Sloppy Joe

American Sloppy Joe

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Quinoa & Cowboy Chili

Quinoa & Cowboy Chili Combination

Pepper & Onion


Left Quotes Right Quotes
  • Greetings from Australia. I just had your Tibetan Dal. Was the best Dal ever!

    - Adam L
  • I love the ease of preparation, yet it feels, and tastes like a home cooked meal.

    - Randy C
  • Great flavor and even better aromas. The spices in here are just awesome!

    - Michael
  • Just tried your Cowboy Chili with turkey for the first time. Wow… so yummy!

    - Stephanie F
CookSimple Gives Back

CookSimple Gives Back

10% of Cooksimple’s profits are donated to Feed My Starving Children and other charities in communities nationwide.

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